Friday, January 6, 2012

Deals for FOOD.


CNY is approaching and what's exciting besides angpao, F.O.O.D. !

But wait! Due to flood in Thailand, earthquake in Japan, soon to default in Greece, European debt crisis, last but not least inflation everywhere; seriously, where can we get good cheap food?

Hawkers? Yes, there are a few really delicious once. But dang, most of their prices went up as well! And recently I was an innocent victim for a lot of shocking high prices in hawkers =/
Money is getting lesser in value, but higher in demand!

So what do we, people living "in" the internet most of the time do? We need pretty good cheap food as well right? As for me, I always go for group deals, ex: Groupon! the most famous one, no doubt on that.

Then recently (iknowimoutdatedmostofthetime), I found this: Milkadeal

A groupdeal site similar to Groupon, sometimes even with repeated deals. But also, never fail to come out with new ones. Just only, I bought the UFO Dessert and Drinks deal. I went to this dessert shop with the Groupon voucher last time, here. It was okayyy. So I decided to go again for different flavours, at a much cheaper price. =)

Checkout the Milkadeal website, register and we all can share those wonderful deals.

Till then ;)

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  1. yes! i agree! they offer good deals for food!