Saturday, December 31, 2011

UFO Dessert and Drink

Besides Snowflakes, do you know any other Taiwanese dessert shop?

Recently I went for this dessert shop from outer space: UFO Dessert & Drink in SS2, PJ.

It's the Groupon coupons that brought me there! RM5 for 2 bowls of healthy dessert, worth the price!

I had the Ocha flavour while my mom tried the normal one.

This is mine: with toppings such as Peanut Mochi balls, Yam tubes, Sweet potato tubes, Red Beans

Mochi balls with peanut fillings, yummy!

The best thing was the Mochi balls with yummy peanut inside, and not forgetting the Yakult balls, which was so juicy and it "pops" in your mouth when you bite it.

Of course, dessert can always come with snacks!

Overall Review:
Although the dessert and even the toppings here are like 90% similar to Snowflakes, I feel it's not as fresh as Snowflakes.
If you've tried Snowflakes before you will know that the taste of the desserts are just nice; not too sweet, not too dull, but just nice. But in UFO, it's like when you dig into the ice below the toppings, it's not as tasteful. Overall, it's acceptable for me, but may not be for people with sweet tooth.

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