Saturday, December 31, 2011

Way South

December has always been a month for wedding dinners and celebrations. So yay, I went back to Johore Bahru, my hometown. My cousin sister had her wedding in York Hotel, Singapore. But of course, we stayed in JB for the night!

Although people say the best Malaysia food are in Penang, I'd still vote for JB! Although I did not grow up here, but the nice and delicious food here has always been what I looked forward every time I go back.

1st stop: Nasi Padang Tampoi @ Tampoi

Nasi Padang? Yes, Indonesia food, but the shop was opened by Chinese, and apparently they were opened since like 30 years ago.

The famous Curry Fish Head

Sambal small prawn, looks juicy right?

3 dishes @ reasonable price

My lunch!

2nd stop : Singapore/Johore Laksa @水塘

This trip back to Johore was a bit disappointed as we did not have the chance eat the "Cathay Laksa" that we will always have every time we go back to JB.
So, on the last day before we head back to PJ, my dad brought us to 水塘 Laksa. A Laksa shop that is very experienced as well!

As you can see, the Laksa in Johore is different from what we have here in PJ.
It's called Laksa and Laksa only at JB, but here in PJ, we call it Curry Laksa.
And, it's not curry in JB, it's pure L.A.K.S.A.

My fav!

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