Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oloiya's Courtesy

First day of CNY,

besides angpao, what is essential?

Dried meat a.k.a. Bagua~~

Normally my family won't buy any bagua, since friends and relatives will give us as a gift. But this year, we got it from Oloiya , the traditional famous dried meat store we've all heard of since young.

Yes, free delicious bagua! As you can see, it's minced chicken meat, 300 gram x2 = 600 gram!

A lot right?

For more updates from this generous company, you can go to their Facebook site here

Happy Prosperous Dragon Year! ;D

Friday, January 6, 2012

Deals for FOOD.


CNY is approaching and what's exciting besides angpao, F.O.O.D. !

But wait! Due to flood in Thailand, earthquake in Japan, soon to default in Greece, European debt crisis, last but not least inflation everywhere; seriously, where can we get good cheap food?

Hawkers? Yes, there are a few really delicious once. But dang, most of their prices went up as well! And recently I was an innocent victim for a lot of shocking high prices in hawkers =/
Money is getting lesser in value, but higher in demand!

So what do we, people living "in" the internet most of the time do? We need pretty good cheap food as well right? As for me, I always go for group deals, ex: Groupon! the most famous one, no doubt on that.

Then recently (iknowimoutdatedmostofthetime), I found this: Milkadeal

A groupdeal site similar to Groupon, sometimes even with repeated deals. But also, never fail to come out with new ones. Just only, I bought the UFO Dessert and Drinks deal. I went to this dessert shop with the Groupon voucher last time, here. It was okayyy. So I decided to go again for different flavours, at a much cheaper price. =)

Checkout the Milkadeal website, register and we all can share those wonderful deals.

Till then ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


A lot of us has always been going for food trips, food tests and having unexpected food visits. But, do you know that you can make food reviews and get rewarded?

Link below to, the most comprehensive dining guide that rewards you for your food reviews! Don’t miss out! #MakanNShare

Openrice is new in town to provide rewards for Foodlovers like you and me to provide our tiny little review for any food we've tried out.

I haven't tried doing this yet, but apparently we can get Tesco vouchers, movie tickets and many more for reporting our reviews on food we've tried. Awesome, isn't it?

& I heard there are lucky draws coming up!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

UFO Dessert and Drink

Besides Snowflakes, do you know any other Taiwanese dessert shop?

Recently I went for this dessert shop from outer space: UFO Dessert & Drink in SS2, PJ.

It's the Groupon coupons that brought me there! RM5 for 2 bowls of healthy dessert, worth the price!

I had the Ocha flavour while my mom tried the normal one.

This is mine: with toppings such as Peanut Mochi balls, Yam tubes, Sweet potato tubes, Red Beans

Mochi balls with peanut fillings, yummy!

The best thing was the Mochi balls with yummy peanut inside, and not forgetting the Yakult balls, which was so juicy and it "pops" in your mouth when you bite it.

Of course, dessert can always come with snacks!

Overall Review:
Although the dessert and even the toppings here are like 90% similar to Snowflakes, I feel it's not as fresh as Snowflakes.
If you've tried Snowflakes before you will know that the taste of the desserts are just nice; not too sweet, not too dull, but just nice. But in UFO, it's like when you dig into the ice below the toppings, it's not as tasteful. Overall, it's acceptable for me, but may not be for people with sweet tooth.

Way South

December has always been a month for wedding dinners and celebrations. So yay, I went back to Johore Bahru, my hometown. My cousin sister had her wedding in York Hotel, Singapore. But of course, we stayed in JB for the night!

Although people say the best Malaysia food are in Penang, I'd still vote for JB! Although I did not grow up here, but the nice and delicious food here has always been what I looked forward every time I go back.

1st stop: Nasi Padang Tampoi @ Tampoi

Nasi Padang? Yes, Indonesia food, but the shop was opened by Chinese, and apparently they were opened since like 30 years ago.

The famous Curry Fish Head

Sambal small prawn, looks juicy right?

3 dishes @ reasonable price

My lunch!

2nd stop : Singapore/Johore Laksa @水塘

This trip back to Johore was a bit disappointed as we did not have the chance eat the "Cathay Laksa" that we will always have every time we go back to JB.
So, on the last day before we head back to PJ, my dad brought us to 水塘 Laksa. A Laksa shop that is very experienced as well!

As you can see, the Laksa in Johore is different from what we have here in PJ.
It's called Laksa and Laksa only at JB, but here in PJ, we call it Curry Laksa.
And, it's not curry in JB, it's pure L.A.K.S.A.

My fav!


Test Test.

A place for storage.